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St. Louis raised Trevon McCray - better known as J'Demul - has overcome many life struggles in his life. The 20-year-old emcee began his influential journey by listening to Hip-Hop artist Scarface, which highly influenced his songwriting ability. Through remaining dedicated to his craft of emceeing, his growth as an artist has provided him the opportunity to learn and value the essentials of Hip-Hop.

At the early age of 12, J'Demul witnessed the horrific murder of his cousin. Through that terrible life experience and crafting his skills as an emcee, the maturity of life experiences are displayed throughout his content. That specific life experience and similar ones are easily heard throughout his collection of work - "95 95s", "June", "Black Poet" and "#STLAVE." While gaining a reputation for giving incredible live performances, J'Demul has performed on various platforms including A3C, Riverfront Times Music Showcase, VIBESSTL, and more.

The 2016 Riverfront Times Hip-Hop Artist nominee is currently promoting his latest release, #STLAVE, a 14-track album that provides as a follow up to his last offering, Black Poet EP. With the release of #STLAVE, J'Demul plans to hit the road and touch as many as stages as possible. He states, "my dream is to show the world what I can do and make them fall in love with my music."

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